About Us

Our corporation was established in 2019 provide high-quality marble supply services to every country in the world. We are proud to present The stones that we have extracted from various regions of Turkey and the world to our customers with the highest quality and widest product range. We export natural stones to many countries in the world.

About Us

Why Dialli


Dialli always follows the technological developments and the demands of the age most closely and constantly improves itself in this field. As a more advanced company than the previous day, it continues to be a pioneer on this path.


Dialli has taken it upon itself to benefit from the blessings of nature in the most beneficial way.

Cultural Approach

Dialli is one of the leading companies that value cultural values very much as well as innovative approaches. It continues to offer you the pieces that make up the cultural lines and values.


Dialli continues its work in an environment where access to all its values and principles is transparent and promises to continue to do so.

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